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Marketing Management


This topic area develops an understanding of the importance of the marketing function for business competitiveness. The significance of marketing orientation – the process of aligning a business to its operating environment, customers, other stakeholders and markets – is emphasised. An understanding of the principles and practices of marketing and their application to commercial and not-for-profit organisations is considered. The relationship between marketing and other business functions such as operations management, finance and human resource management is also considered. The application of marketing concepts and methods to assist marketing and business decisions is explored. Central to the understanding of marketing is the objective of satisfying the needs and wants of customers through effective market research, applying an appropriate marketing mix and establishing an organisation with a strong customer focus 

The Cambridge International AS Level involves the development of knowledge and application of that knowledge to business situations with some analysis and evaluation of marketing problems. There is an emphasis on the process of finding and satisfying customers, with the focus also on how marketing objectives can be met by understanding, applying and adapting the marketing mix.

The Cambridge International A Level ...includes the content and skills of the Cambridge International AS Level. Although some additional knowledge and application of that knowledge will be directly tested at Cambridge International A Level, the emphasis is on using marketing concepts to develop strategies and evaluate changing situations/options.

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