Why workers change jobs at same wages?

There are many times when a worker decides to move to another job at the same rate of pay

The reasons might be:

  • Sometimes workers move from one job to another at the same rate of pay because their working conditions are not good or acceptable to them and they prefer to change job even though they are not paid more.

  • There may be times when the worker may find problems due to extreme weather conditions or geographical factors.

  • Workers also change jobs in expectation of better prospects of promotion or professional development, though they are not getting higher wages.

  • Many workers might find the journey to work very tiring and would prefer to work close to their homes.

  • Some workers might relocate to a location which they personally like even though they might get the same wages.

  • Working in large company is considered as a status symbol by many workers and they might change job to work in a large company.

  • Many businesses don’t pay high wages but care for their employees by providing Fringe benefits such as subsidised meals, health scheme, leisure activities. This may also influence a worker to move to these businesses.