How to select the appropriate media?

There is no ‘best communication method’. The method of communication may be chosen after considering the following factors:

How much does it costs?

Electronic media cost a lot and may not be afforded by an organization whereas face to face discussion does not involve any cost.

How fast should be the communication?

Oral communication is always faster than written communication.  Moreover, with the advent of electronic media large message can be transmitted over large geographical areas in the minimum of time.

How much information is to be transmitted?

Written communication may be more suitable when dealing with loads of information.

What is the importance of feedback?

In organizations where employees’ feedback is an integral part of decision making, Oral communication may be the most important form of communication.

Do you want a permanent record of information?

Written communication is most suitable form of communication when a permanent record of the message has to be kept. For example, an employee contract records the terms of employment.