Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. You are alloted 8 minutes to complete this exercise.
   Consumers      consumption      environment      good      goods      Government      instruction      Job security      jobs      Managers      organise      Owners      profit      risks      salary      services      stakeholers      taxes      unemployement      wage   
All business activity involves people. Groups of people who are involved in business activity are called the of the business. put money into the business to set it up. Without this capital, no business activity can begin. The owners will take a share of . All owners are taking . Workers are employed in the business. They expect a good weekly or monthly . is often matter of concern for the workers.
are employed by the business to control the work done by other workers. They give to the workers, the resources of the firm and take important decisions. are those who buy the product or service of the business. They expect quality and value for money. decides on laws which will affect business activity. Governemnt wants business to be successful because successful businesses will create more jobs and reduce . Moreover, the governemnt will get which it can utilise for the development of the country.
Business activity uses land and resources to proudce and . On one hand, where the busiesss creates it also produces harmful pollution. Therefore, the community may be concerened and may expect clean and safe products for .