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You are here: IGCSE ICT Application of ICT Revision Notes ICT in Healthcare Industry - Revision Notes

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ICT in Healthcare Industry - Revision Notes

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ICT in Healthcare Industry - Revision Notes
Input of data
Storing data
Managing data
Protection of data
Patients Prescription
Patients Monitoring
Use of Internet
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All medical treatments have to be fully costed. Hospitals use spreadsheets for doing these calculations. Commonly used spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are also used to display revenue and profits through charts and graphs.

Special software packages could be used to print invoice and receipts for patients expense which are printed in duplicate, one for the patient and one for hospital record. The best suited printers for this purpose are dot matrix printers as the cost per printout is lowest among all printers. Moreover, they work perfectly with double fold stationery.
Many hospitals might use Laser printers as they are fast, make no noise and are suitable for bulk printing.

Payments may be accepted by cash or through credit cards. PinPads may be used to input the number or magnetic card reader might be used to swipe the cards.

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