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You are here: IGCSE Economics Individual as producer, consumer Revision Notes Why work at low wages?

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Why work at low wages?

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Why work for low Wages?

There may be times when a worker would be prepared to work for very low wages?

The reasons might be

  • The worker might not be able to get another job and has to contend with low wages till he finds a better paying job.
  • Low skilled jobs usually have low wages. The worker might not be trained to do skilled job and thus get low wages.
  • The worker might choose to work part-time and does not mind low pay. For example, a student working doing a part time job to earn his pocket money may not negotiate too much for higher wages.
  • In the same way, a worker might view the job as a temporary measure until a better job is available and may not negotiate for better wages.
  • Lack of information is also an important factor. Workers who do not know of alternative jobs usually land up getting lower wages.
  • Age may be a factor which limits the worker to get higher wages.

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