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Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix-Product
New Product Development
Product Life Cycle
Marketing Mix-Price
Price Elasticity of demand
Pricing Strategies
Marketing Mix-Promotion
Above the line
Medium of advertising
Below the line
Marketing Mix-Place
Role of wholesaler
Choosing a distribution channel
SWOT Analysis
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A person or a firm, who buys in bulk from the manufacture, breaks it into smaller quantities and supplies it to small retailers.

Role of Wholesaler

  • Buys in bulk from the producer and breaks into small quantities to retailers.
  • Provide storage facilities, thus reducing the need for both manufacturer and retailer to hold such large stocks.
  • Wholesalers carry out marketing efforts at their level.
  • Provide credit facilities to small retailers.
  • Sometimes deliver the goods to the small business outlets.
  • Wholesalers usually do some amount of promotion at their level thus helping manufacturers in their marketing efforts.

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